Hide of the Scavengers

This hide has been carefully placed so as to make the food visible for the different species from their natural watchtowers.

It is slightly elevated, leaving the meadows to form the background.


Construction: Sandwich panels, spying glass
Measures: frontal 2m, width 1.5m, height 1.7m
Capacity: 2/3 photographers
Distance to the scenery: 20 to 35 meters
Access to the hide with car.
Recommended: 300mm to 500mm. Tele Zoom
The journey will last from sunrise to sundown, or until the birds appear.

1 photographer: consult prices with us
2 photographers: consult prices with us
3 photographers: consult prices with us

Sedentary species: Black vulture, griffon vulture, Spanish imperial eagle, red kite, raven, buzzard , magpie
Migratory species: Egyptian vulture and black kite
Other species: jay, Iberian magpie


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