The hydrohide activity is one that connects the photographer to nature in a rather special way, allowing you to approach the different species at close distances without disrupting their natural habitat. This setting grants the photographer the opportunity to capture great shots in different light, background and distance, all from a  very interesting visual perspective, the water´s edge.

Depending on the time of the year in which the hydrohide activity takes place, you will be able to see a number of different species, ranging from waders on their migratory routes, to herons and Anatidae, and even mammals such as the otter.

The equipment necessary for this activity includes: a hydrohide, a full neoprene suit. These will be provided f by the organisation and you will only need to bring the camera and the lens (we recommend a magnification greater than 300mm).

Due to its nature, the hydrohide activity is subject to meteorological conditions, mainly the wind speed.

The service consists in the rental of a floating hide, a theoretical and practical explanation and in the escort by an instructor during the activity in public water spaces and private ponds with authorization.


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